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The quarantine wall on Odderøya

A close collaboration between Odderøya's Friends, the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Fund and Kristiansand Municipality has now been brought to an end.

The quarantine wall has been fully restored

First of all, we would like to thank Stian Gill, Tore Gill and Atle Lunden who have carried out the work on this restoration. If you haven't been to see the wall yet, you should take the opportunity as soon as possible. An incredible job has been done down there.

A total of NOK 1,298,000 has been spent on this project. Of this, Odderøyas Venner has paid NOK 568,000. Norsk Kulturminnefondm has contributed NOK 425,000, Kristiansand Municipality has paid NOK 280,000, while some smaller contributors have paid a total of NOK 25,000

A central cultural monument in Kristiansand and on Odderøya has once again been brought to honor and dignity.

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The sink is broken

That was it!

For seven years we have had a Lavvo standing at Søndre Batteri for the enjoyment of visitors. We opened this in August 2016 and in all these years until last weekend it has mostly weathered the storms we have had. This weekend, however, it was over.