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The gunpowder house on Søndre battery

Throughout the years from the city's foundation until Odderøya was closed in 1995, Kristiansand has been a significant garrison town in Norway. It is regrettable that a place has not yet been found in Kristiansand where it has been possible to show the importance the defense has had for the city's development.

When the Krutthuset on Søndre Batteri was fully restored, Friends of Odderøya decided to use this room to, in a modest way, tell more about Odderøya's history.

Through panels, we deal with Odderøya's geology, flora and fauna. We show something about the attack on Kristiansand on 9 April 1940 and what has been of the defense facilities around the Kristiansandsfjord from 1650 to 1945.

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Exterior of the fireplace room from Stein Nygård's postcard collection

Fireplace living room area

This is an area with long traditions in the city and for the city's population. Even while there was still military activity on Odderøya, the city's citizens had access to this place and knew how to use it
Red guns at Søndre battery

The cannons on Odderøya

There have been fortifications on the island since 1667. In the years that followed, the business varied between development and decay depending on the economy and the prevailing political situation in the Nordics and Europe in general.