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The exhibition at Østre Batteri

The exhibition shows part of the equipment that was used by Odderøya fort during the Cold War.

Much of the equipment is physically used at the fort, some we got from Oscarsborg Fortress Museum and some was bought. The handgun collection is on loan from the Vest Agder Museum.

The exhibition was opened in 2013.

It is open to the public in connection with guided tours (option 3), Odderøyadagen (1st Sunday in June) or on request.

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Drawing of Odderøya with ships on the sea

A little history about Odderøya

The island, which was originally a peninsula, was separated from the mainland in about 1660 by an excavated channel. After the canal was completed, the connection to Odderøya was maintained using boats, later over a swing bridge. It was replaced in the early 1930s by a fixed road bridge.
Exterior of the fireplace room from Stein Nygård's postcard collection

Fireplace living room area

This is an area with long traditions in the city and for the city's population. Even while there was still military activity on Odderøya, the city's citizens had access to this place and knew how to use it