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Café Southern Battery

Café Southern Battery

Opening hours:


Nov – Feb at 11 – 15

Mar – Oct at 11 – 16

Other opening hours during Easter


The café at Søndre Batteri, Vaktmannsboligen, at the southern tip of Odderøya is run by volunteers from the Friends of Odderøya.

The season starts on the first Sunday after New Year and lasts until the last Sunday before Christmas. If the last Sunday falls on Little Christmas Eve, we will be closed. In addition to this, we try to stay open on flexible public holidays with the exception of 17 May.

You can get to the Café either along the road on the east side of the island, here it is also suitable for wheelchairs and prams, or over the top and down Viljebakken.

We serve freshly baked waffles with butter and jam, hot drinks, mineral water and ice.

There is service both inside and from the waffle booth outside.

You are most welcome to visit us!

Waffle on a plate with jam and sour cream


  • Coffee and tea NOK 20
  • Waffle with accessories: NOK 30
    If you want gluten-free waffles, ask us and we can arrange it.
  • Soda NOK 30
  • Crown ice cream strawberry/chocolate: NOK 30
  • Creme chocolate ice cream: NOK 30
  • Frisbee: NOK 20
  • Hot chocolate or blackcurrant toddy: NOK 20

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