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Tour of military facilities


Odderøya is full of military history - right from the 17th century to 2006 when the last military unit left the island (Njøheimevernet).
We have concentrated the tours around Toppen. Here you will find the Main Battery, the Intermediate Battery, command posts and the Howitzer Battery, including the Howitzer Gang, as well as the facility from the Cold War (1953-2006). The battles on 9 April 1940 received a lot of attention.

Odderøyas Venner has three tours that the public can choose from:

Option 1
Tour of T


open, review of the Howitzer battery including the Howitzer corridor, orientation and walk through the Cold War facility.
Time: approx. 1 hour
Price NOK 1000.-

Option 2
As alternative 1 and briefing on 9 April 1940
Time: approx. 2 hours
Price NOK 2000.-

Option 3
As option 2 as well as a tour of the museum which shows equipment from Odderøya fort during the Cold War.
Time: approx. 3 hours
Price NOK 3000.-

The stated prices apply to teams, associations and companies with regular payment capacity.

Otherwise, the prices can be discussed (For example, payment can be made by each participant tipping NOK 100 to Odderøya's Friends).

The howitzer passage is due in 2024

is being prepared for an exhibition and will be closed during the period. See our website for further information.

There are currently no guided tours in English.

Steinar informs about the fallen

entry command center

corridor command center

Howitzer roof

from tour Haubitz

Tour of the Haubitzhallen

from the gymnasium command centre


Map of the Haubitzgangen


If you would like a tour, send us a message, either via the link here or to